The CE marking: in this site you will find everything you need

Talking about CE marking means ensuring to the consumer safe products that comply with the European standards and avoid problems with authorities and law enforcement. But the doubts on the subject for manufacturers / importers / agents are many and our company helps to clarify them, guiding you step by step in the correct implementation of appropriate documents to prove the safety of the products. We will try here below to explain what CE marking is  and will explain in detail our advice on this topic.

CE mark scheme

We have decided to represent the steps for CE marking a product by dividing them into three main phases:

1)   Production or importation of a product

2)   Analysis of the directives on CE marking and the correct classification of the product in their respect

3)   CE marking of the product.

Now let’s try to get more into detail :

1)   Every product that is produced or imported must comply with specific rules on its own, in order to ensure safety for the end user. It is the manufacturer or the importer to ensure that these standards are met and that the product does not turn out to be “not eligible for free circulation.”

2)   Many kinds of products have the OBLIGATION to be CE marked so that they can be  released for free circulation.   To understand whether your product has such obligation you must know the directives and know how to classify it accordingly.  You should also check whether or not there are Harmonized standards for the product.

3)   You should then proceed to the actual phase of the CE marking. In the illustration above, the CE marking is divided into two major categories: the technical dossier and the certificate.   ALL DIRECTIVES SPECIFY CLEARLY THAT THE TECHNICAL DOSSIER IS ALWAYS REQUIRED WHILE THE CERTIFICATES ARE REQUIRED ONLY FOR CERTAIN CATEGORIES OF PRODUCT.

The technical dossier, being the CE marking a self-certification needs to be written (correctly) by the manufacturer, importer or authorized representative (not from a person outside Europe) as often happens. So the person concerned must reside in the European community. If the certificate is required it has to be released by Notified Body.

In detail what is the job of CE Advice?

The company performs the three steps above for you. What has been told so far is far from being a simple task and involves a careful study and a very thorough knowledge of the subject. In detail, our job is to:

1)   Analyze the products and point out the design standards and verify them together on the product.

2)   Place the product appropriately in the specific directive and seek Harmonized standards.

3)   Create the correct technical dossier of your product. This consists of a series of documents (including the certificate if required by law) which must be written appropriately in order to be considered correct and avoid any problems with civil and criminal law enforcement. If the product needs a certificate our company will also follow this operation. We will take care of  contacting  the Notified Bodies and follow the entire operation in the correct way.

The final result will be that your product will be in accordance and perfectly CE marked to be released for free circulation throughout the European market.

We want to provide our   service   only to those who want to work in accordance with the rules and standards, trying to know them in the best way, to apply them correctly and not to bypass them.

In addition to  CE marking we carry out the following activities:

technical advice and expertise

patent registration

registration marks

business consulting, marketing, and web marketing

we also provide management consultancy activities, for managerial control of the companies and the implementation of management systems for quality, according to the ISO 9001 2008, and have led to certification dozens of companies.

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